Union Motorcycle Classic
Union Motorcycle Classic
1967 BSA Lightning
A talented engine builder went through the motor of this one time basket case, but then lost interest as the flashier Spitfires, Rocket Goldstars, and Proddy Commandos kept his attentions focused elsewhere. An old comrade, he sweet talked us into taking on this project.

Like the builder before him, Mike started on the Bezza, but lost interest as a Bonny and Triton project turned his head and drew his affections away from this diamond in the rough. In spite of its brand new motor, it seemed that this little sleeper with a heart of gold would be relegated to watching life from its box on the sidelines of shops, until its fairy godcycle stepped in. Having captured the eye of one Caferacer TV, Union Motorcycle was asked to build a bike for one of their features.

Suddenly, everything old was new again. Pulling the Bezza to the front of the line, Union shaped a new first of their kind seat, tank, fairing, and side covers. GFTP put their name on the dance card with new molds and parts. The frame was heavily modified in concert with the with new body work. Rear sets, brackets, mounts, and miscellaneous hardware were fabbed up. No stock BSA bracket went untouched. We are especially keen on how the triple clamps, steering dampener mechanism, and fork caps all play together nicely. Countless hours on the lathe, mill, and welder resulted in every part looking period correct.
1973 Norton Commando
Once upon a time, there was a Commando who thought it would enjoy life as a Roadster. It would take the safe road, the expected road, mind its ps and qs. But then life happened. Nearly 40 years old, this not so distinguished gentleman is just getting started. Ever the neoclassicist, its custom bodywork was proportionately streamlined to reinvent a lighter appearance, while still giving a respectful nod to the past. A modified rear frame makes it all work, while custom brackets hold everything together. Glass From The Past (GFTP) is our hands down choice for all our bodywork. Like what you see? Go to the source: caferacingparts.com.
Porter Aermacchi
In and out through the space of 20 years and as many hands, this bike has orbited our collective, waiting for the right moment to make its grand entrance. Enter one Al Porter, local UMC customer, noted restorer, doting dad. He had an old BSA Victor that he wanted to turn into a street racer for daughter Kristin, soon to be collegiate graduate.

After pitching our case: 1) We have the bike! 2) I have the perfect seat in mind! 3) I need an excuse to shape it and hand it to GFTP for mold making! Al kindly let us talk him into building this Aermacchi, every father's dream!

Bret at GFTP had already built the fairing and tank over the course of its many owners, so the bike already had good bones. Still, much more was needed. We worked side by side with Al to position all the bodywork and build all the brackets. Luke engineered and fabbed up the rear sets. He also made the custom center stand and chain tensioner. Show off! Mike shaped the seat and built the aluminum exhaust shroud for the underside of the fairing. Oh yeah, did we mention that Al rebuilt the motor? Between her busy graduate schedule, Kristin also found time to get her hands dirty.

Once we got it into a solid mock up - Al took it home - and presto! change-o! returned with paint and polish all wrapped up. His attention to detail is great. We feel this Aermacchiavellian approach to a Harley Davidson Sprint project is one of the best times we've had. We think Kristin likes it, too.
1993 Ducati 900ss High Pipe
Check out this Cinderella story: Boy meets bike, Boy likes bike, Boy crashes bike. Keep reading. It gets better. From the ashes of its damaged frame, all parts were removed. A one of a kind fiberglass tail section was crafted to work with a sectioned stock frame that was rebuilt from the rear motor mounts back. The proportions of this bike puts one in mind of the Scuderia Spaggiari Ducati and Tony Rutter's TT2. Once again, a GFTP piece was created just for this rising phoenix from the ashes: a modified 900SS front fairing to accept the headlights and turn signals. The tank is a collaboration of a 900SS tank and a late 80s 750 Sport. Custom brackets and period race parts complete the package.
1974 Yamaha RD60
Inspired by the 50cc Grand Prix bikes of the 60s and 70s, only good sense and cultural decorum prevent you from clapping your hands with glee and exclaiming, "That is one damn cute motorcycle!" From its humble beginnings as a basket case, this little gem was built from the ground up. A GFTP fairing was modified to complement the stock RD60 seat and tank. After a stripping and detabbing, the frame lives to fight another day. Oh, and did we mention the YSR 50cc motor? You have been served.
1993 Ducati 900ss Low Pipe
The call came from our Northern neighbors: can you build a bike for a nice chappy from Canada? Always international ambassadors of goodwill, we responded with, "Natch!"

We sourced an imperfect but sound 93 900SS and broke it down. Using the molds from the first 900SS, we reconstructed the frame and manufactured bodywork. This helped us justify the hours we took shaping the original parts. The customer wanted an encore of the paint we used on the high pipe bike, but we convinced him to go with a variation on the original theme. Builder knows best! Many of the stock Ducati parts were retained this go around..