Union Motorcycle Classic
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Union Motorcycle Classic
1947 Ariel Red Hunter 350
007 likes his shaken, not stirred, and we like this Ariel renovated, but not restored. Raced in Northern Idaho hill climb events in the 50s by the original owner and his brother, it was then taken to a shop for restoration. Saving itself for something better, it was taken to another shop, then handed over to Luke. Waving a red flag in front of a Ransom, Mike bet Luke the bike would remain unfinished and never run again. Determined to get the bike up and running again, Luke hand fabbed many of the parts, including the push rods. A BSA part here, a Triumph part there, and now you have it. You only live twice.

Oh James!
1967 Triumph Tiger 100
The owner brought this project in as a complete renovation. He specified the paint and other details, but left the rest up to Luke. Up against man skills, tools, and pixie dust, this Tiger didn't stand a chance.
1974 Montesa Cota 25
This tight little number came to us too far gone to retain its patina, and underwent a total renovation. The Mini Me of the famous Cota trials bikes of the 70s, this 50cc is no lightweight. Maintaining as much of its original parts as possible, it sports a svelte nickel frame and a dashing new paint job.
The Mini Indians
For all you flower children and crotchety gen xers out there, this one's for you. If a mini Indian was not the first bike you dreamt about, it's gotta make the top 5. We built the side car from the ground up....it seemed like a good idea at the time.
Glass From The Past