Union Motorcycle Classic
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Union Motorcycle Classic
1965 Ducati 250 narrow case
Found objects: A Hoarder's Fairytale

Mike bought a set of tired old 35mm clips from a race bike that ran in the Eastern US and England. Too tired to restore, and too neat to throw away, they were hung on a wall, that happy resting place of two too many objects. While rummaging through his stash of Ducati singles parts in prep for another restoration project - Mike realized that he had enough old parts to build a "barn find Ducati." The challenge was to rebuild the bike using only parts found on the premises. The goal was achieved on everything but the seat cover, chain, and a few cables.

A Wards Riverside tank was scrounged up, and new old stock tires were found in the corner of the barn. Clip ons were pulled from the wall and sleeved down to fit the Ducati's little fork tubes. An old set of Norton fork tubes donated their steel to make the sleeves (we love cross breeding!). An old GFTP seat (also a wall hanger) was cut in half and widened by Mike to fit the new subframe built for the project. An old set of GFTP Ducati replica number plates were skirted for the sides, and a factory Ducati front number plate was installed. Luke did a little carb work and a lot of stator and wiring harness work. Mike repaired the shift mechanism, and the little Diavel fired up on the third kick.

Not quite yet familiar with big city manners, this little hayseed can't remember to use its inside voice, and likes to let you know it's coming from about a mile away..
1950 Harley Davidson Hummer 125
After earning its keep as a hard working southern Idaho farm bike, this tough little scrapper still starts on first kick, thumbing its handlebars at retirement.  Its rubber actuated springer front end ain't too shabby either.
1966 Honda CB450 Black Bomber
The CB 450 was the Japanese tentatively sniffing the collective air, testing the water for larger displacement categories. Brushing off heavy initial criticism for their styling, their mettle and their metal have endured the test of time, emerging as one of the most sought after early Japanese classics. Like Athena springing full grown from Zeus' head, this classic brought its A game straight out of the gate. Making no apologies, thumbing its nose at restoration, it's in it for the long haul.
1961 Triumph Tiger Cub
How do you spell patina? We spell it C U B. This little Meow Mix is small in scale but big on styling. Designed to look like its bigger feline brothers, this hep cat was Triumph's answer for the small displacement low cost category. Not one to name drop from Hollywood's A list of nip and tuckers, this particular Cub is proud to retain a large percentage of original factory equipment, including a tachometer.
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